What to Do After the Extreme Wind & Rain Has Passed in Waterbury, CT; Storm Damage Tree Trimming, Removal & Cleanup

Wind storms can be extremely damaging to trees. Strong winds can break tree limbs and knock trees down all together. How can you protect your trees? Care for your trees the best you can to strengthen them so they will stand up to a storm. Inspect trees from time to time and look for cracks in the tree trunk or limbs. Look at the age of the tree and for signs of any decay or fungus. Trees that are leaning or branches that are leaning more than 45 degrees over the home need to be addressed along with trees that are too close to utility lines. If you notice any of these signs you can take steps to protect your trees. Remove dead or damaged limbs, prune branches that are too close to your home and have trees that are leaning looked at by professionals. Don’t ever try and deal with trees around utility lines for safety. You’ll need professionals.

What to Do After the Storm Has Passed

Once the storm has subsided, stay clear of utility lines that may be down or tied up in branches. They can get tangled in other trees, structures and can be prone to unforeseen movement. Broken limbs can still fall completely even if they’re attached to the trees. Trees that are still in contact with power lines can still be energized and dangerous. You also need to be cautious of leaning trees and uneven soil at the base where the roots may have been affected. Take steps to repair minor damage and debris and have the damage evaluated. Fast response time can be the difference in restoring your damaged property. Professional tree services offer 24-hour emergency tree removal, large tree removal, tree evaluation and emergency tree pruning. Professionals will inspect and assess your property after the storm to identify all areas that may be hazardous, design a plan to clean the property safely and figure out the number of people needed for the job along with the equipment needed. All tasks will be done according to the tree industry safety requirements and we can advise you on any other steps than be taken to ensure future safety.

Storm Damage Tree Services in Waterbury, Wolcott, Cheshire & Prospect Connecticut

The National Arbor Day Foundation states that in the aftermath of a major storm, the initial impulse of property owners is generally along the lines of “let’s get this mess cleaned up.” But hasty decisions can often result in removing trees that could have been saved. The right thing to do can be the difference between allowing your trees the opportunity to survive or having them die. Have your trees cared for correctly to give them the best chance of surviving a storm. If a storm has recently come through your area and damaged a tree on your property, choose Bell Tree Services for storm damage cleanup and other tree services needed. Trees that are damaged by storms can be very dangerous and need highly skilled and trained professionals to remove them safely. Have it done the right way for reassurance that there won’t be any further damage to your property. Contact Bell Tree Services for all your tree service related needs!

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