Tree Trimming

Welcome to Bell Tree Services, we provide professional tree trimming services to residential home and commercial business owners in Greater Waterbury, CT and the surrounding areas. While trees are certainly a beautiful asset to your home or business, tree branches can grow at an alarming rate and run into structures on your property as well as growing over walk ways and becoming a safety issue. At Bell Tree Services we provide professional tree trimming services that will preserve your trees for future generations.

There are Three Main Reasons for Trimming Trees

1. To improve the appearance of your trees
2. To improve the health of your trees
3. To improve the strength of your trees and in turn make them more resistant to disease
Other common reasons for professional tree trimming services include ensuring that the trees on your property are properly maintained to eliminate unnecessary weight at the end of the tree limbs and to prevent the limbs from splitting and breaking

At Bell Tree Services, our Comprehensive Tree Trimming Services Include:

• Storm Damage Clean Up – this process involves the removal of dead, dying and diseased branches
• Brush Thinning – this process involves the reduction of the density of live branches
• Crown Raising – this process is designed to provide vertical clearance
• Crown Reduction- is a method that is designed to reduce the canopy of the tree

Well Maintained Tree Trimming Equipment

At Bell Tree Services, our tree trimming service is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your trees and well as promote an environment that will ensure your trees remain healthy and strong. At Bell Tree Services, we believe that professional tree trimming is an important aspect to maintaining your home or business. Trimming large branches requires a selection of tools. Our technicians will arrive at your home or business with all the necessary tools and equipment including ropes, pole trimmers and buck saws to professionally trim the trees on your property.

Professional Tree Trimming Services in Waterbury, Wolcott, Cheshire & Prospect Connecticut

Each and every species of tree in the Greater Waterbury, CT area has a certain growth structure which is taken into consideration during the tree trimming process. Our technicians will take the time to listen to you and take into consideration the overall health and location of the trees before providing you with a customized tree trimming services that you will be proud of. Contact Bell Tree Service today and speak with a customer service representative about tree trimming also ask about our extensive list of services including Tree Removal, Landscape Design, and Lawn Care Maintenance.

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