Branches Hanging Over Roof or Touching My Wolcott, CT House? Tree Trimming, Hazardous Limb Removal & More

Do you have trees near or next to your home? Trees are great, especially during the summer time as they can provide needed shade that keeps your home cooler. However, as trees provide shade and improve any yard’s aesthetics, they can pose a danger to the home itself. Overhanging branches are a major concern for our homes. This concern can even lead to insurance policy cancellations. Bell Tree Services would like to share why it is important to keep your trees trimmed and remove overhanging branches.

Overhanging Tree Branches Invite Wildlife & Rodents Onto Roof

Overhanging branches are considered a major threat to the home. When a tree is planted near the home it provides free shade that helps keeps the home cooler during the hot summers. They can also enhance the look and beauty of the home. But when branches begin to grow to the point they make contact with the home or roof, it can become a major problem. The first concern is pests, Connecticut is home to a number of wildlife species. You can see bats, squirrels, raccoons, rats, and more climb on or live in trees throughout our state. Many of these pests will use trees to access homes. Branches provide an excellent bridge from the tree to the roof. Many of these pests will climb on the roof seeking a way to get inside. Rodents and raccoons are well known to chew on rooftops creating a hole to get inside the attic. This causes hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. To help reduce pest damage around your home and on your roof, make sure to trim branches and particularly those overhanging or touching the home and roof.

Can Tree Branches Damage Roofs?

Another major concern of overhanging branches is the damage they can cause. Overhang tree branches will drop their leaves on the roof top. When leaves accumulate on the roof top they trap moisture which causes algae, mold and premature roof decay. Leaves will need to be removed frequently to prevent roof damage. Branches can even cause physical damage to the roof and home. As the branches grows, sometimes they can grow into the home itself. Branches can lift up roofing tiles and damage the roof’s structures. Not only is it well known that branches can cause roof damage, it can also cause the insurance company to cancel your policy with them. If an agent sees that there is a risk of damage due to a tree, they can and do cancel policies. It is considered maintenance neglect of the home. To ensure you are insured make sure to trim overhanging tree branches. A last major concern is if the branches will damage the roof and home during a storm. Some trees get very big in Connecticut and their branches can also grow very big and heavy. If a branch is weakened due to a storm, age, or pest activity, the branch can break suddenly falling on top of the house. Some tree branches are so heavy they have been known to cut a home in half.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, Emergency Hazardous Limb Removal & More in Waterbury, Wolcott, Cheshire & Prospect, Connecticut

There are a number of reasons to make sure your tree’s overhanging branches do not destroy your home. If you have trees in your yard and they are near your home or overhang, contact Bell Tree Services for tree trimming, removal and more.

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